Cotton fabric maintenance tips

Cotton fabric maintenance tips

Cotton, the most versatile and colorful fabric is great for those who can't be bothered with maintenance and care instructions. The dresses made out of cotton can be easily washed and dried without additional efforts. That is why cotton is the best choice for kids clothing. You can let your kids be themselves in cool cotton dresses. When it is time to wash, you can simply toss them in washing machines for a thorough cleaning. When you purchase cotton garment, you should follow the cleaning instructions to preserve the deep color and finish of the garment. 

When you buy cotton fabric, it is best to wash the fabric before you start sewing. Washing the fabric before use has numerous benefits. Prewashing the fabric will help you to minimize and avoid bleeding. This is especially true for bright colors. When you mix and match multiple fabric colors, the pre-washed fabric will ensure that bleeding doesn’t affect the quality of the washed product. 

Cotton is a fabric that shrinks when it is washed and dried. Woven fibres are pulled tight and washing will result in shrinking as the fibres relax. The finished item may look misshapen if the fibres shrink later. Prewashing fabric will ensure that you start working with a fabric material that has already shrunk. When you make quilts or garments for people with a sensitive skin, prewashing fabric will remove the chemicals making the fabric even more hypoallergenic. 

Some people are not interested in pre-washing the fabric because it will inevitably lose its crispness once washed. Also, the cotton fabric should be ironed before it can be used in sewing and this additional work is not loved by many. With modern day fabric manufacturing, color bleeding and shrinkage is not a huge problem. So, it is your choice whether you want to pre-wash the fabric or not. 

Regular washing of cotton should be done ideally in cold water. Unless it is absolutely needed, there is no need to wash cotton with hot water. Using hot water and fast drying will result in more shrinkage. Tumble drying is the best way to dry cotton fabric if you use a dryer. If there is open space in your home, you can hang dry cotton fabric once the washing cycling is complete. 

You should always segregate light and dark colors before you attempt to wash in a washing machine. You should not rub or wring the clothes to prevent color bleeding. For white clothes, you can use specific bleaches if you find the whites to be dull. Avoid using fabric softeners because they reduce the absorbent capacity of cotton. Minimizing the use of fabric softeners will keep your clothes soft and fluffy. Turn the fabric inside out before ironing to get the best effects of a warm iron. 

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